Our Coffee

NOR: Direct Trade Specialties of the Americas

The name NOR, meaning north, pays tribute to our beginning—a partnership with the Norteños of Nicaragua aimed to promote the socio-economic growth of coffee farmers and improve the environmental sustainability of participating communities. Now, our relationships stretch across the Americas to Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala, increasing our ever-expanding offering of direct trade specialties.


Our beans are harvested, dried and fermented on family farms on the mountain sides of northern Nicaragua. By providing farmers with the necessary equipment and education, NOR enables them to consistently increase their yields and heighten the quality of their coffee beans. The result? Balanced, drinkable cups of coffee that offer notes of chocolate, nuts and citrus.


Our creamy milk chocolate and decadent dark chocolate bars start their journey high in the countryside of Guatemala. There, Eskil Villarreal works to develop optimal farming and fermentation techniques for our fine cocoa, earning the Cocoa of Excellence Award at the Salon de Chocolat in Paris in 2017. The cocoa is refined—and perfected—by repeat International Chocolate Award winner, Danish chocolatier Mikkel Friis-Holm.

Cocoa Nibs

Under the supervision of Cocoa of Excellence Award-winner Eskil Villarreal, only the finest organic cocoa beans are plucked from the Guatemalan mountainside. The bean is then crushed and roasted by NOR to create a crunchy, flavor-forward superfood chock-full of antioxidants, iron, fiber and theobromine—a catalyst for heart and brain health.